Subliminal Game

Your goal is to perceive the subliminal images that are flashed at you in the video below. How fast can you determine what the subliminal image is?

What's the Story?

Look for 3 images in a row that tell a story. They have to be adjacent. They can be 3 in a row, column or diagonally.

Black and Red

Test your ESP with this simple game of red or black. Can you get the high score?

Case X

You were just hired as an intelligence analyst for the NSA. Your direct superior had to leave for an emergency undercover operation in ████████████ and you are now taking his place. The case officer has presented you with with 12 questions that need to be answered to enable a scheduled raid of suspected double-agents. The clock is ticking.

Entropic Poetry

Click on the word tiles to form a sentence that answers the question. You can only use the words in the set provided You can save your masterpiece Once a week the editors will choose the best sentence, it will displayed for a week.

Interesting Games Invented Elsewhere

The Wiki Game

A game of exploring and racing through Wikipedia.

Quick, Draw!

Can a neural network learn to recognize doodling? Help teach it by adding your drawings to the world's largest doodling data set, shared publicly to help with machine learning research.